The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Club Insurance Program provides Commercial General Liability and Participant Accident coverage for club activities and exposures that fall outside of the insurance coverage provided by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports as part of sanctioning.

This program is NOT intended to eliminate the need to sanction on water activities (such as Club practices, clinics, exhibitions, and tournaments) which are able to be sanctioned through USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.

Program Eligibility Requirements

The program is optional and available exclusively to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports affiliated clubs in good standing, subject to completion of the required application form(s), underwriting approval and payment of premium. A certificate of insurance will be issued confirming a club's enrollment into the program.

Program Cost

As shown on the Application form, Program premiums are based upon club membership numbers, equipment exposures and desired limits. A Program Administration Fee of $110 applies in addition to the premium. Premiums will be adjusted on a quarterly pro-rata basis for clubs enrolling for the first time into the NEW program.

Applications & Forms


Additional Highlights

- The NEW program provides General Liability and Participant Accident coverage.

The NEW program’s rates (for club membership and club equipment) vary based upon the General Liability limits selected by the club.  

The NEW program offers General Liability limit options of $1M each occ./$2M aggregate (same as the expiring program) and a higher limit option of $2M each occ./$4M aggregate. 

Private lake liability coverage is available, subject to individual underwriting review and approval and additional premium (including a minimum rate per acre). 

Clubs enrolled in the current program that extended coverage through 3/1/2023 will be given a grace-period until March 15 to submit their renewal application without a lapse in coverage. 

Clubs enrolling in the NEW program before April 1, 2023 will receive a true pro-rata premium charge from the date of enrollment through the 1/1/2024 expiration date.

Clubs enrolling in the NEW program on or after April 1, 2023 will be eligible for the normal quarterly pro-rata premium charge for the date of enrollment through the 1/1/2024 expiration date.

The USA-WSWS Club Insurance Program will renew each year on 1/1 as has been the case historically. 



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