Insurance - Incident Report Instructions

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports General Liability Policy Incident Reporting Procedures and Form for Sanctioned Events

Any incident that occurs at a USA-WSWS sanctioned event could potentially lead to a general liability claim against USA-WSWS, its associations, sport disciplines and divisions, clubs, event organizers and individual members. It is important that key information is recorded for each and every incident that occurs during sanctioned events, and that this information is promptly reported. USA-WSWS has developed an electronic General Liability Incident Report form for this purpose.

The on-site Safety/Club Official or Event Organizer is required to complete the Incident Report Form at the time of an Accident, Injury or Other Incident during a USA-WSWS sanctioned event. Please be certain to fill out the Incident Report form completely and accurately. Prompt reporting of incidents provides the insurance company with a head start in evaluating and resolving these matters, where possible, and ensures that the strongest possible defense can be provided to the Club or Event Organizer in the event that a claim is filed.

A claim is an actual demand for damages by a third party. Incidents may include injuries to participants, spectators, volunteers, boat accidents, theft or damage to property of a third party, etc. Examples of incidents which need to be reported include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Serious Injury or Illness
  • Drowning
  • Other Fatality
  • Minor Property Damage
  • Serious Property Damage
  • Boating Accident
  • Missing Person(s)
  • Theft

Completed USA-WSWS Incident Report forms should be submitted using the online reporting form.  Any incident involving a serious bodily injury requiring emergency medical transport or a death/fatality should be reported immediately to Renaissance Specialty Insurance by calling the claims department at 1-845-632-0526. The USA-WSWS Competition & Sanctioning manager should also be notified immediately of any such injury or incident by calling 1-863-324-4341 or emailing 

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