Slalom, Tricks & Jump Skiing - Zero Based Slalom FAQ

American Water Ski Association

    Question: What is ZBS?

    Answer: ZBS stands for Zero Based Scoring. See rule 10.01 for full details.

    Question: What does this mean?

    Answer: It means that anytime you run a full pass you can shorten the line and/or go up 2 mph. If a complete pass is made, the skier will receive credit for all previous passes. The skier does not have to run their maximum speed to receive the credit for the long line pass.

    Question: Where and when can this be used?

    Answer: In all classes of tournaments, class C,E,L, skiers can shorten the rope before they get to their division maximum speed. LOCs may opt to allow skiers to ski higher than max speeds, up to 36 MPH for male divisions and 34 MPH for female divisions, excluding juniors, in class C tournaments, at their discretion.

    Question: How is this scored?

    Answer: For example

    6@ 32off@36mph=6@35off@34mph=6@38off@32mph.

    Question: What is the advantage or disadvantage to this?

    Answer: This depends on the skier; some skiers may enjoy shortening the rope before going faster or some skiers may want to ski at faster speeds and get credit. Slalom is now all about total boys regardless of how you achieve them.

    Question: What are the max speeds for divisions?

    Answer: This depends on what Class tournament it is.  The maximum allowed boat speeds in class C if the LOC allows are as follows: 1. Boys 1/Girls 1 - 49 kph (30.4 mph). 2. Girls 2/Boys 2 - 52 kph (32.3 mph). 3. Boys 3 and all females Girls 3 or older - 55 kph (34.2 mph). 4. All males, Boys 4 or older - 58 kph (36.0 mph). In E and L events the original divisions max speeds are still in effect.

    Question: How is the ranking list affected by ZBS?

    Answer:  Skiers will be ranked by total buoys count just as it is now.

    Question: Can I do this at Regionals and Nationals?

    Answer:  You can shorten the line before you get to max speeds but you cn not ski above division max and receive credit for it.

    Question: Will IWWF recognize the scores?

    Answer: If the speed matches their top speed for the division then it will count towards the ranking list as normal.  If your score is achieved below IWWF max speed, then they'll count it as 18.25 meters -- instead of the actual line length. If your score is achieved above IWWF max speed it will only count the scores as if achieved at the IWWF max speed, i.e. no extra buoys will be counted.

    Question: What about records?

    Answer: The age division maximum speeds shall be retained for National Records, Men 3-6 (34.2mph-55kph, Men 7 (32.3mph-52kph), Men 8-10 (30.4mph-49kph), Men 11 (28.6mph- 46kph), Women 5-6 (32.3-52kph), Women 7-10 (30.4-49kph) and Women 11 (28.6-46kph). Regional and Area records will still remain up to those areas.


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