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    What Model Year Towboats can I use in 2023?

    Towboat Use: Model Year

    AWSA U.S. Nationals and AWSA Regionals may use a 2023 USA Water Ski Approved Tournament Towboat or a prior year 2022, or 2021 USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Approved Tournament Towboat. (Current year plus 2 additional years).

    Record Capability (Class E, L, R) tournaments and Class C tournaments may use any prior year USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Approved Tournament boat equipped with Zero Off (rev R or rev S). The LOC and Chief Driver are responsible to ensure the boat is in good operating condition, including required insurance.

    In cases where dual boats are required, both boats must be the same model and year.

    Exceptions for Use – Approved Tournament Towboat

    Exceptions for use of any other boat not on the “approved list” may be made by the Chair(s) of the AWSA Towboat Committee. The boat shall be considered an “Approved USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Tournament Towboat” for that event.


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