Ed Fisher slalom skiing
Photography: Scott N. Atkinson


September 2023 Member Spotlight: Ed Fisher, Scottsdale, Ariz.

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

Ed Fisher is an 88-year-old water skiing enthusiast from Scottsdale, Ariz. Born on Dec. 16, 1934, Fisher's journey into the world of water skiing began around 50 years ago when he represented a company called Western Wood Water Skis. He was introduced to the sport by world champion Mike Suyderhoud, who showed him the slalom course.

Fisher started competing in water skiing in 1976 and has an impressive list of achievements. He has won the Western Regionals multiple times, and he claimed victory at the 2016 Goode Water Ski National Championships in Men 10 slalom. He is the current Men 11 (85 and over) national slalom record holder.

Firebird Lake in Phoenix, Ariz., holds a special place in Fisher's heart as his favorite spot for water skiing. When asked about advice for newcomers to the sport, Fisher emphasizes the importance of patience and gradual progression. He advises beginners to avoid trying to progress too quickly and instead focus on building a solid foundation of skills before attempting more challenging maneuvers.

Reflecting on his experiences, Fisher acknowledges that water skiing is like an addictive pursuit where athletes are driven to achieve more and continually push their limits.

Ed Fisher is a slalom skier, and #WeAreWaterski.