Michael Temby barefoot water skiing
Courtesy Michael Temby

June 2023 Member Spotlight: Michael Temby, Discovery Bay, Calif.

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

My father introduced us to water skiing, so in 1962, I learned to water ski. I learned to ski at the Orwood Resort, and it was very cool. Some of my most memorable events were teaching my children and grandchildren how to barefoot water ski.

I broke the world speed record in a quarter-mile drag, so I hold that tandem world record with a friend. We broke a 14-year-old record by 7 miles per hour, so that's another memorable event. Nobody has touched that record since 1990.

I've run junior development clinics, so I've taught kids in the western United States how to barefoot water ski. I ran those clinics to help organize and inspire America's youth. I've also run my own personal water ski school at the Orwood Resort.

My most memorable moments are when I can make a difference for a child. My advice for new members is to focus on the basics, be passionate, be respectful, and be an inspirational competitor. One of the most important things is to be selfless. Try to make everybody that you cross paths with smile, and be a respectful boater and skier.

Another incredible memory I have is when I received a letter and invitation to attend “Skiing With the Legends” as one of the legends here on the West Coast. I got that letter from the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation, and I was blown away. I was able to share that letter with my mom before she passed away. I was also able to ski with all of the legends, and that was amazing for me. I was there as one of the legends, so I was just honored to be able to do that.

I am Michael Temby. I am a barefoot water skier, and #WeAreWaterSki.


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