Regina Jaquess slalom skiing at the Pan American Games
Photography: Team USA

Regina Jaquess won gold medals in women's slalom, jump and overall at the XIX Pan American Games.


AWSA IAC Seeks Officials For Select 2024 Tournaments

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

On or after Dec. 22, 2023, the American Water Ski Association’s International Activities Committee (IAC) will nominate officials for the 2024 international events listed on this form (PDF). To be considered for any of the listed events, you MUST COMPLETE AND RETURN THE FORM BY EMAIL NOT LATER THAN Dec. 22, 2023. Note that there are additional events (2024 35+ World Championships and Pan American Championships) that will be the subject of announcements in the future. FOR PAN AM OFFICIALS AND DRIVERS: REMEMBER THAT YOUR PAN AM RATING MUST BE CURRENT, INCLUDING ANY APPLICABLE RE-TESTING REQUIREMENTS, IF YOU ARE TO BE CONSIDERED.

For all World Championships, the Chief Judge, Assistant Chief Judge, the Scorers, the Homologator/TC and the Drivers will be selected as set forth in IWWF Rule 14.04. All nominees must hold a 3-event Pan Am rating. There is a three-step nomination and selection process: (1) AWSA will inform the Pan American Confederation of its nominees for these positions; (2) the Pan American Confederation will then determine who is to be finally nominated for each of these positions from among the nominees submitted by all Pan American Confederation countries; and (3) IWWF will then fill these positions from among the international confederation nominees as set forth in IWWF Rule 14.04. Safety positions are filled as set forth in IWWF Rule 14.17.

For the Jr. U.S. Open, officials and drivers are NOT chosen by the IAC. Those officials are selected by the AWSA President in consultation with the LOC (we send this information along to the AWSA President).

For Pan Am Judges, Scorers, and Drivers wishing to be considered for the 2024 IWWF Under 17 World Championships, you must provide the IAC with a list of the Class R-L-E tournaments you have worked at during the last three (3) years showing your proficiency at the high level of competition expected for this tournament (see IWWF Ranking List). Specific attention will be paid to work at Elite/Major tournaments. Additionally, drivers should provide information regarding tournaments where you have pulled mid-39 off in slalom, 175 feet in jumping, and 7,000 points+ in tricks. Your list of tournaments should be provided with your returned form.

Please indicate your interest by marking and completing this form and returning it to Jeff Smith ( All submitted forms will be acknowledged.