AWSA Board Approves Increase To Towboat Use Reimbursement

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

The American Water Ski Association’s board of directors has approved an increase in Towboat Use Reimbursement from $25 hourly to $50 hourly, effective January 2023. The change will be reflected in the 2023-2024 AWSA Towboat Policy Manual when it is updated for the new year.

A Local Organizing Committee (LOC) must reimburse a boat owner(s), for costs incurred due to use of a boat, for any event (excluding Regionals and Nationals), on an hourly basis. This provision includes promo boats, individually owned boats, club owned boats, etc. The recommended minimum reimbursement rate is $50 (Fifty dollars) per hour of use, recorded from the boat’s hour meter. The boat must be an Approved Tournament Towboat with valid insurance as required by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. The boat owner has the option to decline reimbursement and/or make other arrangements.

All payments from the LOC to the boat owner are reimbursement for costs incurred and not compensation for tax purposes. Reimbursement by the LOC to the boat owner is separate from any consideration a towboat owner may receive from a manufacturer.


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