Board Approves Membership Price Schedule For 2023

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports board of directors approved during its most recent quarterly conference call an updated membership and sanctioning price schedule.

The board approved the price schedule for 2023 and a committee will be assigned to look at future costs and will make recommendations based on their findings.  The membership price chart, which is a projection through 2028 and subject to change, can be found in the minutes from the board meeting.

“The board wanted to be strategic by developing a membership pricing schedule that took into account the financial needs of the organization as well as being transparent with our membership when it comes to various proposed dues increases,” said Doug Robbins, chair of the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports board of directors. “The board of directors wanted to get on a consistent schedule rather than sporadic and sometimes significant changes to membership prices without advance notice to members.”

The overall cost of doing business has risen significantly in 2022. Costs for everything from magazine production and postage to medals and awards to insurance have all increased. The biggest expense for the organization outside of administrative costs is insurance, which rose by 21.5% (from $346,398 in 2021 to $421,209 in 2022 – a near $75,000 increase). Unbudgeted expenses associated with defending a lawsuit and grievance filed against the organization have also contributed to the projected financial loss in 2022.

The next membership price increase will take place in 2023 and affect the Active, U25, and Grassroots ($5 increase), and Family Head of Household ($15 increase) membership categories.

Prior to this approved change, the last membership price increase for Active, U25 and Grassroots was in 2019 and in 2015 for Family Head of Household.

Membership dues provide clubs with general liability insurance coverage for sanctioned events and offer participant accident insurance for competitors. Additionally, members also receive a quarterly magazine and water ski content delivered to their email inboxes monthly. Dues also help to support the USA-WSWS National Team program that represent Team USA around the world, along with learn to ski programs and basic skills clinics intended to introduce more people to life on the water.




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