Sure-Path BPMS Updates

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

Sure-Path BPMS Updates: Please download the latest SP Rover software (2.3.0) and latest Judges Screen App (On Shore Viewing) (2.7.0). This includes the new IWWF Rule Change from Section 8.15.

1) Boat Lane Slalom/Boat Lane Settings/ "Homologation Level"
(Select Record Capable= R (max 20cm) or Ranking List=L/E) (25cm)

Tolerance only applies to 38off and shorter

Max Cum

SCORE                                    Cum Dev. CLASS “R”                  Cum Dev. CLASS “L”

0.25 - 1                   B1                         20 cm                                25 cm

1.25 - 2                   B2                         25 cm                                30 cm

2.25 - 3                   B3                         30 cm                                35 cm

3.25 - 4                   B4                         35 cm                                40 cm

4.25 - 5                   B5                         40 cm                                45 cm

5.25 - 6                   B6                         45 cm                                50 cm


2) Boat Lane Slalom/Boat Lane Settings/ "Show All Zone Data"- YES means it show all deviation data in ZONE.  If NO only when its greater than 20/25cm.  NOTE: The ZONE is for DRIVER INFORMATION ONLY.  The Zone is 5m after the buoy to 10m after the buoy vs last yr it was 5m before to 10m after.

3) SP Survey: (previous rev):  under SURVEY menu, select "Mapping Duration", and set this to at least 3 seconds vs 0 seconds. This will ensure you get a good average, for the survey point (G1-G4).  We think anything more than 5 seconds is just too long, but u can adjust to your desired time to be on the buoy.

4) Link to SP Judges Screen

Onshore Viewing


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