IWWF Show Ski Council Seeks Nominations For Hall Of Fame

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

The IWWF Show Ski Council Hall of Fame Committee has extended the deadline to submit a nomination for the IWWF Pioneer award to Oct. 15. Nominations can be sent to Andrew Jetten.

Visit and click on Pioneer Nomination Form for more information. The nomination must include supporting material (biographies, videos, photos, etc.).

The IWWF International Hall of Fame is populated by those individuals who have made the most significant and farthest-reaching contributions at the world level and who have made such a tremendous impact on our sport that their legacy deserves to be memorialized, above and beyond all other qualified candidates.

The IWWF International Hall of Fame Pioneers are those few rare visionaries who, either through invention or innovation, or both, changed our sport to such a degree that it has resulted in a world-wide and permanent significance to our sport as it is practiced today.

Please provide the committee with as much supporting material (newspaper clippings, photos, magazine articles, video, etc.) as possible. The Sport Division’s IWWF IHOF Selection Committee members are in the greatest positions to help you assemble a nomination.


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