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American Kneeboard Association

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    Athletes Of The Year

    2022None SelectedNone Selected
    2021None SelectedNone Selected
    2020None SelectedNone Selected
    2019Doris RohnerEd Sauls
    2018None SelectedNone Selected
    2017Alisa PiperJared Bohlen
    2016Alisa PiperChris Dinse
    2015Alisa PiperKen Stuart
    2014Alisa PiperKen Stuart
    2013Alisa PiperJared Bohlen
    2012Alisa PiperKen Stuart
    2011Alisa PiperJared Bohlen
    2010Alisa PiperKent Hartshorn
    2009Alisa PiperMark Ritchhart
    2008Alisa PiperMark Ritchhart
    2007Alisa PiperMark Ritchhart
    2006Leah RitchhartJared Bohlen
    2005Crystal McKeeKent Hartshorn
    2004Alisa PiperMark Ritchhart
    2003Alisa PiperKevin Felver
    2002Jennifer McDonnerMark Ritchhart
    2001Jennifer McDonnerDave Jennings
    2000Crystal McKeeKevin Felver & Michael Marchand
    1999Jennifer McDonnerMichael Bradshaw


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