Slalom, Tricks & Jump Skiing - MasterCraft Ballast-Weight System - Tricks Only

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    MasterCraft Ballast/ Weight System – Tricks Only

    The MasterCraft ProStar was tested and approved for use in the Trick event with the use of an additional ballast / weight system as configured by MasterCraft.

    The ProStar can be used for Tricks both: 1) with the ballast / weight system; and 2) without the system.

    If the boat is used with the ballast/weight system, it must be configured as it was tested and approved. Specifically, the MasterCraft ballast / fat sack must be installed in the bilge; under the floor compartment which is under the middle seat. The sack must be completely full when used for tricks (no partial fill). In addition, 75 pound weights as configured by MasterCraft must be installed in each of the rear compartment trays (150 lbs. total). Storage compartment trays are located under the access doors at the stern.

    The ProStar is not approved with any other configuration, in other words, a user cannot simply put a ballast / fat sack or weights on the floor of the boat.


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