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USA Wakeboard

Wakeboard Glossary/List Of Terms

Air Raley — Rider hits the wake and fully extends his body, allowing his legs, feet and board to rise above his head.

Backside — When the rider begins his rotation by turning his back in the direction he is traveling.

Double-Up — Boat path that creates a huge wake for the rider to hit. The driver turns out wide and then continues to turn until he hits the old wake perpendicularly. A properly driven double-up resembles a "P."

Fakie — Describes the position of the rider when he is riding backward. For example, a rider who normally rides with his right leg in front, would ride the fakie position with his left leg in front. Also known as switchstance or switch.

Roll-to-Revert — When a rider executes a roll and lands fakie.

Tantrum — When the rider approaches the wake backside and performs a back flip.

Whirlybird — A tantrum with a 360 degree spin.