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illustration: Chris Zukas

Update On USA-WSWS Network Disruption (Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023)

by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

As you are aware, we experienced a network disruption related to one of our servers that affected AWSA applications like online tournament registration (OLR), rankings, results, sanctioning and officials’ programs. Since the disruption was discovered, our team has worked diligently to investigate the nature and scope of the incident and to securely restore the impacted server in a new environment.

We are currently rebuilding and testing each of these applications in a new server environment. These applications were originally built and are currently managed by AWSA volunteer programmers. Our hope is to have the systems restored and brought back online by the end of this month, though we will provide a further operational update once our team’s efforts are completed. At this time, we also do not expect to lose any data during the restoration process.

The membership application (join/renew) is housed on a different server and is not affected by this disruption.

We know that access to the affected pages is important to you and again apologize for any inconvenience this event has caused. We have also used this event as an opportunity to enhance the security of our systems to help prevent any additional issues from occurring in the future, and we appreciate the patience and cooperation you continue to afford us while we respond to this event.

For members looking for events, we’ve curated a list of tournaments for the remainder of the year on an Excel spreadsheet (will download when you click) that includes the host contact information.


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