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Towboat Committee

Welcome to the USA Water Ski Towboat Committee's Web Site

The information on this web site is presented in an attempt to provide a clearing house for towboat and speed control information, issues, driving hints and any other data that would be useful to assure that speed control has a positive impact on 3-Event Water Skiing.

2009 Speed Control Parameter Adjustments

Download PDF Document

Zero Off Current Version

The current Zero Off version is Q100

2009 Approved Tournament Towboats

Approved Tournament Towboats PDF

2009 Towboat Usage: Model Year

AWSA Nationals, AWSA Regionals, and Record Capability (Class E,L,R) tournaments may
use a current year 2009 USA-WS Approved boat or a prior year 2008 USA-WS Approved

Class C, I, and N tournaments may use 2009, 2008, or 2007 USA-WS Approved towboats
(two years prior)

In all instances where a boat older than the current model year is used, the manufacturer must also have a boat on the approved list for 2009.

If the designated towboat has multiple GPS systems available, the skier has the option to select from available GPS system. If the tournament committee chooses to use older Perfect Pass Classic, then no choice is permitted.

2008 Rules Governing Towboats and Speed Control

Revised 3/7/2008

Slalom, Jump & Trick Equipment and Definitions

All tournaments Class C and above are required to use speed control.

Tournaments are only allowed to use speed control devices tested in conjunction with the towboats approved for use by the Towboat Committee.
Approved towboats, including equipment as tested, are listed on the USA WS website under the Towboat section.
Approved Towboats

Software changes are permitted as approved by the Towboat Committee at any time during the season, except that no changes that affect skier pull will be permitted between July 1 and the conclusion of that year’s National Tournament.

Slalom & Jump Timing

General: The boat speed shall be validated by timing on each pass from the speed control system (see rule 8.10(g)).

Acceptable timing methods may be magnetic point to point or calculated virtual timing provided such methods and timing components of the speed control system are tested and approved.


PerfectPass Parameters

Here are recommended settings for 2007 tournament boats approved by the Towboat and Speed Control Committee. Updated and approved on August 9, 2007.

  Nautiques Mastercraft Malibu
5.7 6.0L 5.7 6.0L 5.7 6.0L
Slalom & Trick          
CS 730 730 750 750 750 750
CR 1540 1540 1940 1940 1940 1940
SSB 10 10 13 13 16 16
KD 28 28 28 28 28 28
KDW 80 80 80 80 80 80
NN 100 100 100 100 100 100




CT 175-190 175-190 175-190 175-190 175-190 175-190
S2%FAST +40 +45 +40 +40 +40 +40
S2%RTB 0 0 0 0 0 0


1. Boats that run with their bow higher than average tend to have lower drag and require lower X8D values. Similarly, bow low boats have a higher drag and run slightly higher X8D values. X8D represents the "throttle down" response rate when the skier stops pulling.

2. The lower range of X8D values are typically used for Mens 1, Mens II and Open Men skiers.

Perfect Pass SmartTimer Placement

12 inches in front of the pylon at the widest width possible on each side of the boat
- tolerance +/- 6 inches fore or aft. The fore/aft placement must be the same on both sides of the boat.