Pay Pal Integration with Online Registration

The Online Registration System (OLR)has several benefits to the Local Organizing Club (LOC).
  1. By integrating the USA Water Ski registration system with PayPal, the funds for registration fees are collected online and deposited directly into the LOC's account.
  2. In addition to the financial reports provided by USA Water Ski, LOC will also have access to any reports provided by PayPal for tracking transactions.
  3. Minimizes manual paper work for the Registrar.
  4. Automatically validates skier's membership status.
  5. Automatically determines the skier's age division.
  6. Automatically calculates and collects the entry fee.
  7. Automatically stops entry when the LOC's Maximum Pulls settings are reached.
  8. Provides download ready to use in WSTIMS with the skier's correct member ID and Division
One Time Set Up Requirements:
  1. LOC must have a PayPal account.
    LOC should have a Pay Pal Business Account.
    Establishing a PayPal Business account is easy. There is no lengthy application process. If you already have a PayPal business account, you may use it. Business Account is the recommended setup.
    Some user experiences may be helpful – note that these are PayPal issues not problems with the OLR system: Some users have set up using PayPal personal accounts. They reported encountering restrictions imposed by PayPal. Read the Pay Pal documentation carefully to make sure that type of account will meet your expected transaction number, sales volume, and other accounting needs before using a personal account.
    Changing an existing PayPal account to a different type (personal to business) has also caused problems. If you don't have what you need it is probably better to make a new account of the desired type.
    Some users have recommended allowing multiple users on the payPal acocunt so the registration tasks can be shared. This is done in your PayPal account and is not part of OLR. Again, read the PayPal documentation to make sure this arrangement meets your needs.  
  2. LOC Pay Pal Account must be tRegistered with the OLR system.
    This is done as part of the sanction form. You give permission for USA Water Ski to use the account for tournament entries. You are responsible for making sure your Pay Pal account is valid and that USA Water Ski has the correct ID. 
  3. LOC must have at least one registered Pay Pal account to use OLR.
    Use of multiple registered Pay Pal accounts by one LOC for different tournaments is supported.
    The same Pay Pal Account may be used by multiple LOC's, but it must be registered in OLR once for each LOC that will use it.
Per Tournament Set Up Requirements:
  1. Tournament must have full USA Water Ski sanction approval.
    The sanctioning process is unchanged.
  2. A $15 per tournament USA Water Ski Setup Fee must be paid.
    Contact Bandon at USA Water Ski HQ to make payments.
  3. In the Sanction Form - LOC selects Use Online Registration and Registers or selects a Pay Pal Account that has been previously registered.
  4. LOC sets up one of the many fee structures allowed by OLR