What is new for 2013.
1.  The URL for sanctioning of all USA Water Ski events is www.usawaterski.org/sanctions/ That home page contains links to all sanction related information and forms.

2.  Enhancements for 2012:
  • The biggest change is behind the scenes. The database has been moved to a new SQL server and upgraded from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008. This structural change will not be apparent immediately but will allow improvements to the entire system going forward.
  • Online payment of sanction fees has been enhanced. Sanction fee is recalculated after each submission of the form and any new balance is presented.
  • In the November through January time frame you can now sanction a tournament for January through March 2 years out. This allows clubs holding tournaments in January through March of 2014 to create a sanction application in November 2012, have their tournament advertised in the 2013 guidebook (and online), and use the same sanction number and edit code for the actual tournament in 2014.
Previous enhancements
  • Setup for Online Registration (online entry forms) is incorporated into the sanction form so you do not have to complete a separate wizard. . The AdminCode will be presented in the sanction form and will continue to be used to access OLR administration.
  • The OLR Registration wizard has been eliminated. You now register your pay pal ID as part of the sanction form and attest that you give permission for USA Water Ski to use it for OLR. It remains your responsibility to make sure the ID you provide is correct and that your Pay Pal Account is working. You can add a new Pay Pal account directly from the sanction form and use it immediately.
  • Premier forms include GrassRoots event options.
  • Most fields are validated when you tab out of them. Text in Red will appear alongside the field giving you instructions about completing the field correctly. A list of errors is displayed near the form submit button in case you do not use the tab to leave a field.
    work is proceeding on reducing the special character limitations on the free text entry fields.
  • Bubble Help is available by placing the mouse cursor over the field or its description which gives context sensitive help for that field.

4.AWSA Novice Jump is included in the GrassRoots program but because of different officials requirements it is sanctioned on the Premier form.
If you want Novice Slalom and/or Trick only
Use the GrassRoots Sanction system and select GrassRoots Tournament, then Waterski Slalom and/or Waterski Trick. You can also select any of the other sports divisions GrassRoots events. If you select events from multiple sports divisions you will be asked under which sports division you want the sanction implemented. To get the new equivalent of AWSA Novice you must select AWSA.

If you want Novice Jump with or without Novice Slalom and/or Trick
Use the AWSA Premier sanction form and select GR Jump. It will automatically select GrassRoots Tournament and make the rest of the GrassRoots events available. Select Waterski Slalom and/or Waterski Trick from the GrassRoots section if you want them and complete the rest of the form. You can also select Premier events and/or any of the other sports division options in GrassRoots. You will not have to select a sports division because the AWSA Premier form will only produce an AWSA sanction.

The rest of this document shows screen shots of the new form and explains how it works.

Section 1
Section 1

Enter Event Name, Start, End, and Late Entry Dates. End Date is used to determine the Ski Year in which the sanction will be awarded. Select your club from the drop list. When you tab out of that field your club membership will be validated for the date of the tournament. If your club has not yet renewed membership you will have the option to do it immediately online. After completing membership you can continue with the sanction application. Select your Site. Location of the site will be used to determine in which AWSA Region to sanction your event. When you click continue a unique ID will be assigned to your application which incorporates Ski Year and Region. Once you click continue you will no longer be able to change Start Date, End Date, LOC or Site.

Select Events Click on the white text in the header bar to proceed.
Section 2 Select Events

In the events section you will indicate the number of rounds/pulls of each class of each event you will offer. NOTE: 1 pull = 1 skier performance. Click on Process Changes when you are done so the Officials and Fees sections are updated to reflect the event choices you made.

Traditional (by round) format is the default - the form will capture the number of rounds you are offering for each event. If you select the optional Pick and Choose format (AWSA), the form will capture the number of pulls in each event instead of the number of rounds. Other options specific to Pick and choose will also become available. Note that Pick and Choose options do not apply to GrassRoots.

GrassRoots Jump is a special case for 2010
Novice jump is renamed GR Jump on the Premier Sanction Form. If you indicate any rounds of GR Jump the GrassRoots Series Tournament options become available for selection.

Section 2 Section 2a

Set the drop lists to the number of pulls each skier is allowed to take for each GrassRoots event. Pulls are used for GrassRoots because GrassRoots format is more flexible than Premier. The LOC can organize events any way he wants, and is not restricted to a particular number of rounds in any event. GrassRoots Entry Fees are charged per event.

The GrassRoots Event Description displays on the tournament advertisement and should briefly but accurately describe the competition conditions offered.

The Enable Competitor Skill Level Selection allows the competition to use an ability based vs age division based organization. OLR will present a list of levels for online entrants to select. LOC should provide a list in his guidebook ad if not using OLR.

You may also select any combination of Premier Events or GR Jump along with any of the GrassRoots events. The sanctions are awarded based on the highest homologation class offered. For this year any GrassRoots Jump sanction which does not have a premier event will have N in the 7th position of its sanction number.


The form is customized to display a field for each official required by the rules based on the events and classes you previously specified. The USA Water Ski officials database is searched and a drop list of qualified officials is displayed for each position. You pick an official for each position from the choices provided. When you have all selected click the Copy button to process them.
The officials member ID number is also captured.
Because only USA officials are represented in our database -

General information section is identical to the previous system. Data in the fields is checked when you tab out and any problems are displayed in red alongside the field along with suggestions for correction.

Safety form is displayed with a checkbox to indicate acceptance of the form. Separate paper safety form is no longer required. Click link on bottom to display form for printing.

Entry Limits Entry Fees Online Registration Setup.

Online Registration is optional but encouraged. It allows skiers to enter your tournament using an online entry form. Their entry fee is collected and deposited to your Pay Pal account. USA Water Ski charges $15 per tournament for this service. The LOC must have a Pay Pal Account.
If you DO NOT select OLR, you can enter any entry fee and entry limit setup you like in the text boxes provided.
If you DO select OLR, you must complete the OLR setup boxes and use one of the many fee structures allowed by OLR.

Online Registration1
Clicking on the Use Online Registration checkbox looks up any Pay Pal accounts registered in OLR by the LOC specified in section 1.
If the LOC does not have a Pay Pal Account registered an option is offered to register one, then continue as below.


Online Registration2
Select the account you want to use for this tournament and click the Submit button. The OLR setup section appears.

Write down the AdminCode. It is not case sensitive but certain characters are in lower case for readability. You will need it to access the administrative area in OLR.
Online Registration3

The OLR Setup section is customized based on  events and tournament format (traditional vs pick and choose) selected previously. Below is the OLR customization for a 3 event Tournament offering Class C Slalom, Trick, and Jump, and Class R Slalom. It also offers one GrassRoots event.

Note the caution about the Backspace key. This is a bug in the control which will be fixed when possible.

Fees for 1, 2, or 3 Class C events are $30, $40, and $50 respectively.

If a skier wants Class R Slalom he is charged a surcharge of $25    

If he enters Class R Slalom event the fee is $30 + $25 = $55    

If he enters 2 events the fee is $40 + 25 = $65    

If he enters 3 events the fee is $50 + 25 = $75
If he also enters the GrassRoots event $20 is added to the above Premier Entry Fee total.
If more than one GrassRoots event was offered and the skier entered 2 GrassRoots Events the fee you set for 2 GrassRoots Events would be added to any Premier event fees. (The fees for GrassRoots Event 1 and Event 2 are NOT added together. For 3 or more GrassRoots events the 3 event GrassRoots fee is applied.).
Please note that a skier MAY NOT ski in both the Premier and GrassRoots portions of the same event.
Entry Fee Traditional Format

Maximum Pulls is the total number of pulls the LOC is willing to offer. OLR uses this number to determine when the tournament is full.

Late entry fee is charged once unless the Charge Late Fee Per Day is checked. OLR uses this number to determine when the tournament is full.

In that case the fee is charged for each day past the late entry date entered in section 1.

Below is the Events section for a similar tournament run with Pick and Choose format.
Events - Pick and Choose Format

This is a 3 round 3 event Pick and Choose with option for C or R slalom and GrassRoots Jump.

The Max Pulls/Skier allows up to 9 pulls per skier. (A 3 event skier entering all 3 rounds of all 3 events would ski 9 pulls.)

Max Slalom, Max Trick, and Max Jump determine how many pulls of each event a skier may enter. (A 1 or 2 event specialist would enter for up to 3 pulls in each of his events - not 9 pulls. )

The Max pulls per skier and max pulls per event droplists allow you to accommodate various skier preferences.
By setting the Max Slalom Pulls to 9 instead of 3, an LOC could allow a slalom specialist to ski up to 9 rounds of slalom (his first 3 scoring pulls then 6 more pulls on a practice lake).
Another option is to set Max pulls per skier to 6 and Max Slalom pulls to 3. That allows 3 event skiers up to 2 rounds of 3 event and the slalom specialist 3 rounds of slalom.
This flexibility has several advantages.
  1. It might encourage more single event skiers to attend 3 event tournaments.
  2. It offers the LOC with multiple lakes the opportunity to generate more revenue and offer more skiing.
  3. It offers more opportunity for less experienced officials to drive and officiate under top end conditions (esp. driving for the extra pulls).
  4. It allow the LOC to customize the skiing opportunities offered to meet the needs and preferences of the skiers in his area.
The Entry Limits and Fees section is customized for Pick and Choose. It asks for price per pull instead of price per event.
Fees - Pick and Choose Format

In this format the first pull is typically the most expensive and the cost tapers down from there.
In a mixed class tournament the surcharge if any is applied against the first pull and any subsequent pulls that require surcharge.
So the 3 event skier who skis only class C will pay $20 + 15 + 15 for the first 3 pulls and $15 each for the remaining 6 pulls = $140
If he skis R Slalom (3 pulls) his total would be $20 + $25 for the first pull, $15 + $25 for the second pull, $15 + $25 for the third pull and $15 each for the remaining 6 pulls = $215
Note that GrassRoots fees are charged by Event not by Pull, regardless of the number of pulls indicated in the event setup screen. If multiple GrassRoots Events had been offered the fee setup screen would have offered fees for 1 event, 2 events, and 3 or more events in the GrassRoots section.
Premier and GrassRoots fees are calculated separately and then added together.  LOC using OLR may check the GrassRoots entry included with Premier entry to allow the Premier entrant to ski GrassRoots for free as a way to increase interaction between top level and beginner skiers.  

Proof your Advertisement – This summarizes the information you have entered and presents it in Guidebook Advertisement format. When you change anything on the form you can click the View/Refresh button to see the effects on your advertisement.
NOTE: nothing is saved when you do this. You must complete the form to save your sanction information.

Submitting the sanction application - At last the final step .
Submit Application
The Name is filled in from the document signed at the beginning.

Enter Today’s Date and click submit. A receipt document will display which you can print. It has the same information as in the previous sanction system.

Note that the New Sanction button is not available. Because of the recent changes to Novice that option had to be disabled. When time permits it will be reactivated to allow creation of another sanction with most of the information from the current sanction form already filled in.