New features for 2010
Reduced check off steps.
Search system to locate tournaments
GrassRoots events can be added to Premier sanctions without the extra step of linking them.
Online Regiatration fields have been added to the sanction form so the LOC Setup Wizard is no longer needed to set up a tournament for OLR.

The new starting point is At the bottom of the page click on 2010 Sanction Application Administration
Link to admin login for premier sanctions
Log in with the same username and password you used in the old system.
Premier Admin Login
The Sanction Application Administration home page appears.

Applications requiring review are presented in End Date order in the "Need Attention" Drop List. You select the one you want and click Display to open it.
Sanctions Administration Home page with application displayed in Need Attention droplist
To open an application which is not in the "Need Attention" droplist a search function is provided. Select one of the search criteria and click Search.
Sanctions Administration Home page after running search for 2010 Western Region Applications
The Search drop list is filled with applications matching your search criteria.
Note that the applications made available by both methods are limited by your login credentials.
Region Level administrators will see only applications which have not yet received USA Water Ski sanction approval. Once full sanction approval has been granted applications appear only to HQ administrators.

The opened sanction application has all the fields seen by the LOC plus an administration section at the bottom. Sanction Application opened for review
The Sanction identifier is displayed at the top of the administration section.
You can click on the headers in dark blue to display any part of the sanction application. Some fields will be editable and some will not depending on your security level.
Some check boxes are unavailable for edit. In the screen shot above a Region level login was used so the HQ fields are not available for edit.
Club Membership and Safety Form acceptance are always checked and unavailable because the LOC MUST have current membership and accept the safety form before the application can be submitted.
Region administrators have only 3 checkboxes and an optional text box to complete. When OK to Publish, Region Officials OK and Region Sanction Fee Pd are checked the application is considered Region Approved - no need to check another box. Use the Text field to record payments, check numbers or any other information you feel is important.
Region and HQ can work on the sanction application simultaneously. Note that USAWS Officials OK has been checked off and is unavailable, but the Region administrator can still see the application. OLR Fee Pd, USAWSOfficials OK, USAWS Sanction Fees Pd, Sanction Code Suffix and Sanction Approved are HQ fields. HQ also has its own text field to record any other information it deems important.
Once Sanction Approved has been checked the Region Administrator will no longer be able to edit the approval.

Use the Save button to save your work. You will be returned to the Sanction Application Administration Home Page.
Use the Delete button to remove an application from the Needs Attention droplist. This does not delete the application from the system - just from the administration section.

Other administrative functions like user maintenance remain in the old system at These will be moved to the new system as time permits with the goal of organizing all sanction activities with as the starting point.