Sanction Management System

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The sanction approval process assumes that state/local guidelines are being followed relative to COVID-19. If it is determined that a club/event was not operating within those guidelines, the insurance provided through the sanction could be void.

COVID-19 Return To Play Guidelines (PDF)
Feature History

Sanction a GrassRoots Series Event
Sanctioning the event as a GrassRoots Fun Day or Tournament event gives the club liability insurance coverage for the duration of the event, while reaping the benefits of hosting a USA-WSWS GrassRoots event. The cost of sanctioning a GrassRoots Fun Day and/or Tournament event is only $40 and the only required officials are a Safety with at least a Coordinator rating and a Driver with at least a Trained rating. Upon sanction approval USA-WSWS will send the Local Organizing Club (LOC) an organizer kit. This kit will give the club all the information it needs to run an event and access to the GrassRoots Series LOC benefits.
AWSA Novice has been renamed GrassRoots Tournament but is sanctioned on the Premier AWSA form.