NSSA Swivel Skills

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A Skills

Sitting Starts Standing Start Leg Ballet
Toe Hold/Arm Ballet Rope Between Legs/Arm Ballet  

B Skills

180 Toe Turn Toe Hold at Knee 180 Flip Turn
180 Flip Extended 180 Hand-to-Hand 180 Hand-to-Hand Extended
180 Flip Extend-Recover    
180/360 Extension to Split Catch 180 Flip/Hand-to-Hand Extended 180 Leg Around Flip

C Skills

Toe Deep Swan 180 Handle On Knee Turn 180 Extended Flip
180 Extended Hand-to-Hand 180 Rope Between The Legs Flip Press
180 Leg Around Hand-to-Hand 180 Hand-to-Hand Back Toe Turn 180 Hand-to-Hand with Split Catch
180 Flip Leg Around Roll Over Split Catch Flip Recover Leg Over Rope
180 Flip Press (Fake Press) 180 Flip Leg Around Recover 180 Leg Around Recover
180 Split Catch 180 Split Catch Reverse

D Skills

360 Hand-to-Hand 360 Flip, Extended 360 Extended Hand-to-Hand
360 Extended Flip 360 Rope Between The Legs 360 Overhead (Any Style)
360 Split Catch 360 Step Over Wrap In
Wrap Out Left One Arm Overhead One Arm Overhead-Right Arm

E Skills

Extended Flip Rollover 360 Rope Between The Legs 180/360 Overhead Press Reverse Hand-to-Hand
360 Reverse Overhead Reverse Catch Reverse Press
Reverse Melt Down Wrap In/Wrap Out  Reverse Wrap In/Wrap Out
180 Wrap In/Wrap Out    
Special Starts & Landings Opposite Toe Turn One or Two Arm 540 Overhead to Flip or Extension
Reverse 540 Overhead (Flip Recover Cont. Reverse Overhead) Reverse One Arm Overhead Shove Ski Around (Back/Front)

F Skills

Wrap In /Wrap Out to Extended Flip One Arm Wrap In/Wrap Out One Arm Overhead to Wrap In/Wrap Out
Rope Between Legs Wrap In/Wrap Out Overhead Press/Rope Between Legs (or Wrap) Extended Flip to Overhead Press
Back Bend to Toe Swan 360 Toe Wrap Reverse Wrap In/Wrap Out
One Arm Overhead Press One Arm Reverse Overhead Press Wrap In/Wrap Out to Reverse Wrap In/Wrap Out
Reverse Split Catch Press To Split Catch Wrap Out/Split Catch

G Skills

720 Overhead Leg Out

720 Overhead to Knee One Arm 720 Overhead
Reverse 720 Overhead One Arm Reverse 720 Overhead 900 Overhead to Flip or Extended

H Skills

1080 Overhead (Any Style) 540 Overhead to Press (Any Style) Reverse 540 to Overhead Press (Any Style)
540 Overhead to Meltdown Press to Overhead 540 900 Overhead Press (Any style)
Press to Press 1440 (And Beyond) Overhead  


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