NSSA Doubles Skills

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A Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

Seat Drape Step-up Side
Step-up Back Barbell  
Sitting Dock Start* Land on Skis* Spin Out
Spin In* Shoulder Sit* Fish*

B Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

Seat to Drape Seat Balance Sit Regal
Drape Balance Drape to Barbell Drape Walkover
Step-up to Stag Step-up to Diver Drape Spindown
Tabletop Back Tabletop  
Star Vertical Star Star to Tabletop
Attitude to Drape Back Attitude Turned Back Attitude Dip
Back Attitude Gainer Skater
Two Hand Overhead Sit Back Barbell  
Land in Arms* Lift to Drape* Lift to Step-up (or) Back Step-Up*
Lift to Barbell* Lift to Seat* Lift to Attitude*
Marlin* Lift to Tabletop* Lift to Sit Regal*
    Seat to Regal*

C Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

Seat to Gainer Drape Spin Down Drape to Seat
Drape Handstand Handstand Drape to Gainer
Drape Handstand Death Drop Step-up to 180 Tabletop Step-up to Gainer
Step-up to Needle Step-up to Attitude Front Attitude
Attitude Heel Stretch Gainer to Seat Front Attitude Variation
Attitude 180 Upright Horizontal Split Upright Needle
Shooting Star Skater Balance Inverted Needle
Sliding Shoulder Start* Drape Spin Down* Walkover*
Shooting Star* Throw to Seat* Roll Down*
Body Wrap* Guillotine* Barbell Spin*

D Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

Seat 180 Attitude Seat to Star  
Drape to Star Pike up to Drape Drape p/o Step up
Drape p/o Attitude Drape Handstand Balance Step-up to 180 Catch
Roll Down Full Butterfly Back Attitude to 180 Catch
Attitude to Star Heel Stretch to Star Heel Stretch to Scale
Gainer p/o Step-up Gainer p/o Attitude  
Inverted Needle to Step-up Inverted Needle to Attitude  
Skater 180 to Step-up Skater Roll Down Statue of Liberty
  Pike Back Table Top* Pin Wheel*
360 Barrel Role* Neck Wrap-up* Torch Flip*
Star* Guillotine 360 Roll*  

E Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

360 Seat 360 Drape Reverse 360 Drape
360 Table Top Tick-Tock Step-up 360 Catch
360 Attitude 360 Heel Stretch Torch Flip
360 Skater Guillotine Pike up to Table Top
Scorpion Shoulder Handstand  
Sitting Start in Lift* Land in Lift* Hand to Foot Stand*
Pike Front Table Top* Pike to Star* Swing Up Handstand*
Hip/Thigh Flip* Lasso Up to Ice Skater* 360 Skater Toss*
Roll Down/Roll Up* One Arm Front Thigh Lever* One Arm Back Thigh Lever*
540 Barrel Roll* Guillotine 540 Roll*  

F Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

High 360 Seat 540 Table Top  
Step-up to Scorpion Roll Down/roll Up (Side) High 360 Attitude
Swing to Handstand Step-up to Handstand Flying Pick-up Start*
720 Barrel Roll* Guillotine 720 Roll* One Arm Barbell (Detroiter)*

G Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

720 Drape

720 Table Top 720 Tick Tock
720 Skater 1 Arm Front Thigh Lever 1 Arm Back Thigh Lever
1080 Barrel Roll*    

H Skills ( * indicates starts and land maneuvers)

1080 Drape 1440 Drape  
1080 Table Top 1440 Table Top  
1080 Skater 1440 Skater  
Sliding Start in Lift* 1440 Barrel Roll*  


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