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AWSA Rules Committee

Welcome to the Web page for the American Water Ski Association's Rules Committee. The page will contain pertinent news, information and documents as they relate to AWSA Rules and the AWSA Rules Committee.

Jump Ramp Surface Notification (8/25/14)

Clarification Regarding Light Lines (PDF; 6/27/14)

2014 AWSA Rulebook (PDF)

2014 AWSA Summary Of Rules Changes (PDF)

2013 AWSA Rules Clarification (PDF; 08/12/13)

Men 3-6 Slalom Skiers Seeking Open Men Qualification (PDF)

2012 AWSA Jump Speed Changes (PDF)

Turn And Burn Protocol (PDF; revised 4/28/11)

2011 AWSA Rules Exception Request Form (PDF)

Zero Off Jump Letter Charts (PDF)

AWSA Rules Change Request Form (PDF)