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ABC Online Tournament Kit

All documents below are PDFs and require Adobe Acrobat unless otherwise noted. Click here for free download.

Event Organizer

Event Sanctioning Agreement

USA Water Ski Insurance Fact Summary

Towboat Insurance Requirements

Pre-Tournament Safety Checklist

ABC Tournament Officials' Requirements

ABC Tournament Entry Form

Environmental Brochure

Return These Forms To USA Water Ski HQ

Chief Judge's Tournament Report

Tournament Officials Work Record

Safety Director Report

Chief Judge

Technical Controller Responsibilities

Official Protest

Chief Judge's Tournament Report

Video Tape Procedures

Chief Driver

Chief Driver Responsibilities

Towboat Use and Documentation Report

Towboat Liability & Physical Damage Report

ABC Barefoot Technical Rules

ABC Previously Approved Boats

Malibu LX Towboat Verification Sheet

Malibu LXI Towboat Verification Sheet

Sanger Towboat Verification Sheet

Chief Registrar

Registrar Responsibilities & Instructions

ABC Notice To Registrar

Registration Download

ABC Registrar Cover Sheet

Event Membership Application

Adult-Minor Event Waiver

Temporary Receipt

ABC Tournament Entry Form

Chief Safety Director

Safety Director Responsibilities

Safety Manual and Policy Handbook

Incident Report Instructions

Incident Report Form

Medical Claim Filing Instructions

Medical Claim Form

Safety Director Report

Chief Scorer

Scorers Responsibilities

National Barefoot Record Procedure

Athlete Performance Record

ABC Jump Proficiency

Officials Work Record

Computer Questionnaire

Trick Values Shorthand

Scorers-Stress Reduction

Trick Values

Event Forms

ABC Official Slalom & Trick Score Form

Trick Value-Shorthand

Video Jump Boat Sheets

Video Jump Score Sheets


ABC/World Barefoot Rules


National Barefoot Record Procedures

IWWF World Record Approval Process

IWWF World Record Application

Officials' Applications

Application For Assistant Driver

Application For Assistant Judge

Application For Assistant Scorer

Application For Regular Homologator

Officials' Development Program Description

Officials' Quantitative Requirements

Application for Senior Homologator

Safety Director Program Description

Application For State Safety Director

Application for Assistant Homologator

Officials' Performance Card

ABC Driver Rating

ABC Judge Rating

ABC Scorer Rating

ABC Safety Rating