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Having FUN Today...Building CHAMPIONS For Tomorrow


Contact Ben Taylor via email at bhtaylor@earthlink.net or phone at (210) 313-8485 to make arrangements.

We’re looking forward to seeing you during Nationals at San Marcos River Ranch!

A few important points:

1. Have a backup plan to dry camp at SMRR or park at a local RV campground just in case!  I don’t think this will be necessary, but we don’t have any specifically dedicated RV spaces at SMRR. For Nationals this year, we’re cobbling together an assortment of spots around the property to accommodate as many RVs as we can with at least minimal electric service. Please see below the contact information for a few local RV campgrounds in the event all our nice plans and expectations go sideways (power outage, river flood, etc.).   

2. Call me (Ben Taylor) at 210-313-8485 or email at bhtaylor@earthlink.net (spam filter checked daily) to reserve a parking place and to let me know what size RV you have. Also call when you arrive or soon before you expect to arrive and I’ll help you get parked in the right spot.   

3. Please help us with site preparation costs with a donation of $25 per night for RV camping.  You may remit this amount via our PayPal account smrrpoa@lsfdev.com or you may do this during registration on site. If you do this via PayPal, make a note “RV Parking” in the comments section. Please call as per item #2 above before you pay. Thank you! 

4. Once you’re here, the best way to get around the property is by walking, biking or in a golf cart.  If you’d like to rent a golf cart for the duration of your stay, please call Affordable Golf Cars of San Marcos, TX at 512-878-1550 or visit their website at www.affordcarts.com

5. If you need a rental car, try Enterprise Rent-a-Car at 1207 North IH35, San Marcos, TX, 512-396-2988. If you reserve a car via their website, watch out for and avoid reserving a car at their location in San Marcos, CA . . . that pick-up site would be inconvenient to SMRR.

6. Bring an electrical “RV cheater box” to allow you to plug into more than one outlet if necessary in order to give you enough amperage to run your machines.  See attached for an example 50amp cheater box.  There are 30amp cheater boxes also available.  If you have a 50amp machine, it’s a good idea to have also a 30amp to 50amp adapter cable, since our 50 amp service is very limited.  Some of the sites at SMRR have the NEMA 14-30 connectors like you see for electric clothes dryers (see attached diagram).  I carry an adapter in my RV in case I run into one of those that converts the 14-30 to a 14-50 RV 50amp receptacle (see attached example).  Please do not wire directly into our permanent or temporary electric pedestals.  If you don’t have the right adapter, please call me and we’ll work something out.  

7. Arrive with your fresh water tanks full.  We may be able to move you around a little bit and top off your tanks from various homeowner spigots, but we don’t have any full-time RV dedicated water lines.  

8. Watch for the Porta-Potty guy servicing the tournament portable toilets if you need to drain your holding tanks, or call me for his number to arrange an appointment.

9. If you plan to dry camp along the San Marcos River, please watch the weather forecasts.  That area has flooded at least three times since SMRR was built in 2007.  We’ve actually had the river flowing into Lake 4 . . . and the ski lakes are considerably higher than the normal river level. This is unlikely to happen in August, but please be careful anyway.  Most of you have requested parking elsewhere for access to electricity, but you’re welcome to consider riverside camping if you’d like. The spots along the river are very scenic and are a good bit cooler than up top by the ski lakes. 

10. If you have not already, please consider volunteering to help with this Nationals tournament by clicking on this link to access the sign-up genius:

Please Volunteer at the 75th Goode Water Ski National Championships