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Changes To NSSA Drivers' Renewals

Due to COVID-19 and the challenges it presents for driving in 2020, the National Show Ski Association board of directors has voted to reduce the requirements for 2021 driver rating renewal.

The changes are as follows:

NSSA Rated Class A, B and C Drivers expiring 12/31/2020

o    Requirement to drive a tournament or submit proof of practical driving experience for 2020 is waived

o    Current MVR Review required

o    Continuing Education credit required (if not already completed)

NSSA Driver Learner's Permits expiring 12/31/2020

o    Learner's Permits expiring 12/31/2020 will automatically receive a one-year extension to 12/31/2021

o    Current MVR Review required

NOTE: USA Water Ski & Wake Sports will continue to send email reminders to drivers whose MVR Reviews are due for renewal or who need to complete a continuing education credit before 12/31/2020.




















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