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Collegiate Contest: Who Can Ski The Most?

The American Water Ski Association is hosting a contest for National Collegiate Water Ski Association teams that attend AWSA events this summer. The top-three collegiate teams that have the most skiers participate in AWSA events from now until the end of August will win a cash prize.

$300 for first, $200 for second, and $100 for third. Rules are simple. We will look at how many skiers on your team recorded a score in the fall of 2019 at an NCWSA sanctioned event. We will then look at those same skiers and compare to see if they also have an AWSA score this summer until end of August 2020.

One point will be awarded for each score achieved. Only one point per sanctioned event, but the same skier can score multiple points for multiple events: 2 points for state, 5 for Regionals and 10 for Nationals!




















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