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NSSA Update From President Doug Ribley

I hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. With all that's going on in the world, it couldn't be more appropriate or important to honor those men and women in the United States Military who lost their lives defending our freedom. Over the weekend, there were some new developments for the sport of show skiing. Both the Midwest Region and Wisconsin State made very difficult decisions to cancel the team competition of their Regional/State Tournaments. The NSSA recognizes and respects individual, team and region/state decisions that are intended to ensure for the safety of their constituents. The difficulty of these decisions for all sports, including show skiing, is understood and our complete support and empathy should be first-and-foremost as we rely on unique priorities and considerations to help us maneuvering through this pandemic.

I also wanted to share that although there are individuals, families, teams and regions who have made difficult decisions regarding their 2020 season, their are also teams and individuals who are still hopeful that an opportunity to compete at the highest levels of the sport in the 2020 season may be possible. As a result, it is our Sports Disciplines responsibility to keep our membership and communities safe while supporting every possible opportunity for the NSSA National Tournaments to take place.  The Ad Hoc NSSA COVID-19 Committee along with feedback from numerous teams, individuals and the Nationals Tournament LOCs have identified the date of JULY 1st, 2020 as the date a decision will be made regarding the status of the 2020 National Show Ski Tournaments. It is believed that this date allows for every opportunity to see how this fluid situation evolves while providing those individuals and teams, who would like to participate or host our National Tournaments, the opportunity to mobilize quickly in the event that the tournaments go forward.  As an administrator at the Cleveland Clinic, along with other health care professionals throughout our sport, we understand that this situation is changing by the hour and it is highly likely that things will look very different 5-6 weeks from now.  Their are certainly no guarantees as to the status of the National Tournaments but we owe it to the sport to make this decision using the most current and relevant information available at the latest workable date possible. It is also important to note that the July 1 date could change as more information becomes available.  

Finally, as a point of clarification, if your region does not hold a qualifying event, regional governance can still send teams and/or individuals to represent the region at the National Tournament using alternate approaches. 

I hope this is helpful as this information is a result of much thought and consideration which is prioritizing safety, as well as a broad scope of needs and desires, for teams, individuals and LOCs throughout our sport. I look forward to seeing more of you on the water as more states move into new phases of their Covid-19 containment strategy. Please refer to the USA-WSWS Guidelines & FAQs as well as the NSSA Scenarios & FAQs located on the website when determining a path forward for your team. 

Finally, please be sure to support our sport by renewing your USA-WSWS membership.    

Thank you once again for your leadership!

- Doug Ribley, NSSA President        




















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