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Virtual Barefoot Tournaments Announced

We are all excited to get back on the water and compete… now you can… all while keeping your social distance! The American Barefoot Club has set up a new virtual barefoot tournament format to benefit ‘footers, judges, scorers, and more. Barefooters, do you want to be judged and scored on your runs from home while being quarantined? It’s free to participate, and we hope to get some prizes together as well. Looking for judging and scoring officials credit without leaving home? Here is your chance!

Barefooters go Virtual!

‘Footers – You will have until June 7 to upload a video of your two back to back runs in slalom and/or tricks. The camera person must record the runs consecutively with the start instructions and without pausing between passes… one solid video no editing, or stopping! For slalom… make sure you are using a 70-foot rope with a 5-foot handle.

UPLOAD VIDEOS to the “Footing out of Quarantine” Facebook Event page CLICK HERE.

Officials get Training!

Judges – Please judge the runs as the videos are uploaded to the Facebook page when you have time. You can post your judge sheets right below the skier’s video. The official judge sheets will be posted after the 31st. This will count for Officials clinic credit if you participate in all the videos. The judge’s sheet is found HERE.

Scorers – Now is the time to shine with our New Scoring Program. Watch Tina’s Lion videos and set-up the tournament for practice. Everything you need to know about the Scoring Program HERE! You can also score each of the judges’ sheets which will be posted under the videos and post your scored sheet.

Get your Barefoot Badge!

There are some new ABC Barefoot Badges out there – Front Toe Hold and Back Barefooter. Show off your skills here and meet the requirements and you will be eligible to receive the badge(s).  Make sure you let us know what badges you are attempting to get! We will mail them to you in June! (Must be a USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Member)

Get the T-Shirt!

Event T-Shirts – Atomic Footer and Legendary Designer Michelle Comp designed the event shirt and they are available to purchase HERE.  The order is open until May 31 and the T-shirts should ship mid-June.

Want to become an official so you can Judge or Score this tournament? It is easy to do – Follow this link to find out more information!

- Sam Dubs, ABC Eastern Regional Director




















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