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COVID-19 Announcement From NSSA

Dear Show Ski Family: First and foremost, I hope you are all safe and healthy as we move through this unprecedented period in our history. The NSSA understands that this is an important time of year for all show ski teams as planning, preparation and operational costs are ramping up. We recognize how challenging and frustrating it is to not have the information needed to move your team forward at this time.

As many of you know, we have been waiting until May 17 to receive information from the USA-WSWS (guided by information from the USOPC) regarding the status of sanctioning for 2020 sport discipline activities and events. This pandemic is an extremely fluid situation making it almost impossible to determine how we will all be impacted tomorrow, let alone weeks and months from now.

Based on the information that continues to be released, it is hard to imagine a 2020 show ski season that won’t be affected in some way due to the unique team orientation of our sports discipline. The unknown at the moment, is to what degree this will affect our customary activities and gatherings. I want to assure you that the National Show Ski Association leadership has the safety of our members as our highest priority.

The NSSA Executive Committee and I have been communicating with USA-WSWS and the NSSA Board of Directors while working diligently to, 1) understand the implications of this pandemic to our sport, 2) gather the most current information to guide decision making and, 3) to establish workable guidelines and information that will give you all the information you need to finalize plans for your teams and summer schedules.

With that being said, I fully expect to have specific information to address your questions and concerns in the next few weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as many competent leaders and experts, who are keeping your safety as the highest priority, work to address this challenge.

The NSSA is in a strong position and I know that the things that make our sport great (family, entertainment, athleticism, etc.) will guide us through this time to ensure our sustainability now and for future generations. We will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, I wish you all the very best during this uncertain time.

Thank you.

Doug Ribley

President, National Show Ski Association




















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