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IWWF Delays License Implementation

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation had originally announced following its 2019 Congress that all athletes would need to hold an IWWF license for Ranking List competitions starting April 1, 2020. However, the IWWF reports that implementation has been time consuming and not all National Federations will be ready to implement it by April 1. To treat all the athletes fairly, the IWWF has therefore decided to re-schedule the IWWF license implementation to September 2020 for all Ranking List competitions taking place after Jan. 1, 2021.

The IWWF 2019 Congress decided to launch this license (USD $25.00 annually or USD $7.00 per event) to help to finance/reduce costs for organizers to host future IWWF World Titled events, especially the IWWF Water Ski World Championships, which includes hosting the IWWF Congress. This would result in there being more interested parties wishing to bid for this event so the IWWF can select venues with the best conditions for athletes to perform at their very best. IWWF is counting on the support of all National Federations to achieve this goal because this is in the interest of our athletes and sport.

It is a license for all athletes wishing to participate in Ranking List competitions (and not only for athletes who want to have their names listed on the Ranking List!). An athlete may not be interested to be part of the World Ranking List but he or she appreciates participating in a Ranking List event, which guarantees him or her a higher level of competition: good site/skiing conditions, experienced and competent technical officials (judges/drivers), first class technical equipment (slalom course, jump ramp, video, boat), publicity (live streaming, public relations, social media, etc.), professional infrastructure and the motivating factor of competing together with high profile athletes. It would be only fair that all athletes participating in the same quality competition pay for a license.


















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