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IWWF Considering Age Divisions For 70+

American Water Ski Association skiers age 70+ that register for Record tournaments are encouraged to enter them as Class L or R so that the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation will create older divisions for the 35+ Water Ski World Championships. This applies to skiers who are 70+ and like to compete in international competitions.

At the IWWF Water Ski Council meeting last August in Putrajaya, Malaysia, the IWWF proposed that rules for divisions above 70 (Men/Women 70+, Men/Women 75+, Men/Women 80+ and Men/Women 85+) be created. There are existing ranking lists for these divisions that will be made public. These divisions will not be in the world championships until a certain number of skiers are on the ranking list for that event in that division. That number has not yet been determined.



















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