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U.S. Earns Bronze At Ski Racing Worlds

The United States earned the overall bronze medal and U.S. athlete Todd Haig (Redlands, Calif.) earned an individual silver medal at the 21st Water Ski Racing World Championships, Sept. 8-14, in Vichy, France. Australia won the gold and Belgium earned the silver.

Water ski racing athletes from six countries competed in six divisions – Men's Formula 1 (Open), Women's Formula 1 (Open), Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Men's Formula 2 and Women's Formula 2 – for world titles at the biennial event. Men's Formula 1 and Formula 2 competitors raced for 1 hour, plus 1 lap; Women's Open and Formula 2 competitors raced for 45 minutes, plus 1 lap; and Junior Boys and Girls raced for 30 minutes, plus 1 lap.

The federation overall standings were determined by the top-four placements (regardless of division) from each of the four rounds of racing. Individual overall placements were determined from the athletes' three best rounds of the four rounds of racing. Australia won the gold medal with 16,000.00 points, Belgium earned the silver with 15,305.93 points and the United States earned the bronze with 14,793.32 points. Great Britain (13,786.12 points), Spain (6,056.56 points) and Austria (2,484.62 points) rounded out the six placements.

Members of the 2019 U.S. Formula 1 Water Ski Racing Team were: Dave Chandler (Henderson, Nev.), Todd Haig (Redlands, Calif.), and Brian Samaniego (Fullerton, Calif.). Haig earned the overall silver medal, placing second in each of the races; Samaniego placed seventh overall; and Chandler finished ninth overall.

Members of the 2019 U.S. Formula 2 Water Ski Racing Team were: CJ Ferguson (San Pedro, Calif.), John Kompaniez (Huntington Beach, Calif.), Erica Leonard (Aliso Viejo, Calif.), Cheryl Ruston (La Palma, Calif.), Amy Threlfall (Palmdale, Calif.) and Martie Wells (Colton, Calif.). Wells, Kompaniez and Ferguson placed sixth, seventh and 12th overall, respectively, in Men’s Formula 2, while Threlfall, Ruston and Leonard placed sixth, seventh and 10th overall, respectively, in Women’s Formula 2.

Members of the 2019 U.S. Junior Water Ski Racing Team were: Jason Davison (Long Beach, Calif.), Matthew Klee (Harbor City, Calif.) and Sophia Rivera (Seal Beach, Calif.). Klee placed fourth in junior Boys; Davison placed fifth in Junior Boys; and Rivera finished fifth overall in Junior Girls.

Drivers for U.S. athletes were: Mike Avila (Campbell, Calif.), Randy Davis (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.), Steve Davis (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.), Cory Ferguson (Bellflower, Calif.), Craig Gregory (Newport Beach, Calif.), Carl Johnson (Fountain Valley, Calif.) and Daniel Steley (Australia). Observers for U.S. athletes were: Dennis Hall (Point Loma, Calif.), Ted Hofmann (Torrance, Calif.), Corbin Heinbuch (Carlsbad, Calif.), Todd Kelm (Long Beach, Calif.), Mike King (Claremont, Calif.), Andy Klee (Harbor City, Calif.), Ken Kramer (Fontana, Calif.), Brian Vesely (Lake Havasu City, Ariz.) and Darrel Weatherford (Long Beach, Calif.).

Jared Cooper (Huntington Beach, Calif.) served as the team captain and Terry Cooper (Huntington Beach, Calif.) was the assistant team captain.

To view complete team and individual results, visit: https://www.vichy2019.com.




















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