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IWWF Passes Rules Exception For L/R Events

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation announced today it has passed the following rules exception for class L/R events for the remainder of 2019: 10.04 -h) Differing rope specifications Organizers will supply ropes that meet the above specifications. Ropes may be:1.) the same brand with the same specifications;2.) the same brand with differing specifications;3.) different brands altogether. A minimum of 2 ropes of each type must be supplied and there will be no more than 2 types of rope supplied. If different ropes specifications are used, skiers will be permitted to choose which rope to use. No re-ride will be granted if a skier receives the wrong rope. A skier cannot provide his/her own slalom rope.

This rule can be applied in all tournaments and for each of them a report must be submitted to the World Tournament Council.






















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