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Jaquess Wins 2019 Lake 38 Pro-Am

Regina JaquessU.S. water ski athlete Regina Jaquess won her third consecutive womenís professional slalom title of 2019 on Sunday at the 2nd annual Lake 38 Pro-Am Record Slalom at Lake 38 in Point Milligan, Fla. Jaquess scored 2 buoys at 41 feet off in the finals in defeating Canadaís Whitney McClintock-Rini (1 buoy at 41 feet off) and Franceís Manon Costard (3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off). Jaquess has opened her 2019 season by winning titles at the Swiss Pro Slalom, Nautique Masters ad Lake 38 Pro-Am Record Slalom. She was the only womenís athlete to run the 39-1/2 off pass in all three rounds. She scored 1 buoy at 41 feet off in the first two rounds.

Great Britainís Freddie Winter won the menís slalom title following a runoff with Great Britainís Will Asher and Canadaís Steven Neveu. After all three athletes tied with a score of 3 buoys at 41 feet off in the finals, Winter won the subsequent runoff with a score of 3-1/4 buoys at 41 feet off. Asher and Neveu scored 3 buoys at 41 feet off.

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