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Winter Wins Travers Grand Prix Pro-Am

Great Britainís Freddie Winter won the menís slalom title on Saturday at the second annual Travers Grand Prix Pro-Am at Jack Traversí International Tournament Skiing and Sunset Lakes in Groveland, Fla. The unique tournament included a record-capability cash prize tournament for the pro skiers in addition to a team format that combined pros and amateurs competing in slalom skiing, skeet shooting and go-kart racing.

Winter won the menís slalom title over Italyís Thomas Degasperi and the Dominican Republicís Robert Pigozzi. Scores can be found at www.waterskiresults.com.

Fridayís action included amateur and professional (prelims) slalom skiing at Sunset Lakes and go-kart racing at Bushnell Motorsports Park, while Saturdayís events included amateur slalom skiing, skeet shooting and the pro menís slalom finals all at Sunset Lakes.

The winning team consisted of Cole McCormick, Travis Torley, Randy Torley and Bojan Schipner.

For more information, including team results, visit http://www.traversgrandprix.com/scores.†




















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