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Revised AWSA Rule Book Now Available

The American Water Ski Association has released a revised 2019 Rule Book (PDF) and Summary of Rule Changes (PDF). The Rule Book contains a revised Jump Ramp Chart along with the rules regarding the settings in Rule 9.16, which the AWSA board of directors approved. The chart aligns with International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation changes. The respective 2019 Regional Water Ski Championships and GOODE Water Ski National Championships will still use the 2018 Ramp Setting Chart, but for all other tournaments the new tolerances are OPTIONAL without the need to change current jump ramps. This will allow AWSA to evaluate whether this will help jumpers at all levels. And the new chart will not force ramp owners to spend money to upgrade since the current ramps are still in tolerance.

The AWSA Rule Book may be amended at any time by the AWSA board of directors, on its own initiative or at the recommendation of the AWSA Rules Committee. After amendment by the board, the amended rules shall become effective immediately, unless a different date is specified. A notice of the amendment shall be promptly posted on the official AWSA website.

To view and download the 2019 AWSA Rule Book, click here (PDF). To view and download the Summary of Rule Changes, click here (PDF).




















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