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SplashEye Mobile Jump Program Available

Attention all American Water Ski Association jump sites and tech controllers, the $700 USB SplashEye Mobile Jump Program has been reviewed by the AWSA Technical Committee and is now available from SplashEye http://www.splasheye.com/awsa.

If you feel that you can't justify the $3,000 SplashEye Jump computer system setup that was offered a few months ago and is still available (3 grids measured simultaneously, price includes the HP Desktop Computer), then this is a must purchase. For $700, SplashEye Mobile Jump includes the software and a USB Capture card (you just need a Windows 8-10 computer laptop or desktop). Even if you do have an old XP jump computer, we still recommend purchasing this for 2019 and using your XP jump computer as backup or in parallel.

If you already have the SplashEye Jump Full version, we recommend SplashEye Mobile as a backup.

SplashEye Mobile is the same setup as BC VJ (1 grid video input with 3 grid setup to switch between grids). No changes required to your existing camera system.

In addition, the software layout (grid setup, capture and measuring) is the same as the SplashEye Full Version. So when you are going between sites there is no learning curve between SplashEye Mobile Jump and Full Version SplashEye Jump.






















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