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U.S. Juniors Earn Placements At Moomba

U.S. athlete Blaze Grubbs placed second in Boys' overall at the 43rd Nautique Junior Moomba Masters.U.S. water ski athletes Ali Garcia (Winter Garden, Fla.), Ryan Gay (Winter Garden, Fla.), Blaze Grubbs (Rio Linda, Calif.) and Garrett Reese (Walnut Creek, Calif.) competed in respective events at the 43rd Nautique Junior Moomba Masters, March 6-7, in Melbourne, Australia. Titles were up for grabs in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall. The Junior Moomba Masters determined its champions by the two-round scoring total.

Garcia placed third in Girls’ slalom (5 buoys at 35 feet off/2-1/2 buoys at 35 feet off); Gay finished fourth in Boys’ tricks (4,240 points/7,740 points); Grubbs finished fifth in Boys’ slalom (1 buoy at 35 feet off/2 buoys at 38 feet off), eighth in tricks (4,290 points/5,690 points), third in jumping (144 feet/150 feet) and second overall (2,534.25 points); and Reese finished 10th in Boys’ slalom (1 buoy at 35 feet off/2-1/4 buoys at 35 feet off) and fifth in jumping (130 feet/139 feet).

Junior Moomba Masters’ event winners were as follows: Australia’s Sade Ferguson, Girls’ slalom (3-1/2 buoys at 35 feet off/2-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off), jumping (125 feet/131 feet) and overall (2,677.73 points); Canada’s Neilly Ross, Girls’ tricks (8,790 points/8,790 points); Colombia’s Federico Jaramillo, Boys’ slalom (5 buoys at 38 feet off/4-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off); Mexico’s Patricio Font, Boys’ tricks (9,560 points/11,200 points); and Argentina’s Tobias Giorgis, Boys’ jumping (160 feet/170 feet) and overall (2,988.89 points).

In the Junior Night Jump, Grubbs and Reece tied for the title with a distance of 152 feet (46.3 meters) in the finals.

Complete Nautique Junior Moomba Masters results can be found at http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/classic/19AUS320/




















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