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AWSA IAC Seeks Officials For 2019 Events

In early November, the American Water Ski Associationís International Activities Committee (IAC) will nominate officials for respective 2019 international events. Although this list includes the Junior U.S. Open Water Ski Championships, the Junior U.S. Open officials will NOT be chosen by the IAC Ė they will be selected by the AWSA president in consultation with the LOC (we send this information along to the AWSA president).

The IAC follows a progressive selection process for choosing officials as set forth below. An official needs to participate in at least one event in each category before putting in for events in the next category.

Category A:† Junior U.S. Open, Can Am, GOODE Water Ski National Championships (CJ, ACJ, Appt. Judge)

Category B:† Junior Worlds, 35+ Worlds, U21 Worlds, Pan Am Championships

Category C:† Elite Worlds, Pan American Games, World Games

The IACís regional representatives are responsible for gathering information from you about your work in the last five years at the (1) Regionals, (2) Nationals, (3) 3-event record tournaments, (4) cash prize events and (5) any other helpful info with the years of participation provided (University Worlds, etc.).

To view and download the application, click here (PDF). The deadline to apply is Oct. 25.






















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