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Virtual Slalom Skiing App Now Live

Virtual Slalom Skiing (VSS) has officially launched as of Aug. 8, 2018. The VSS Beta is live on the APP store for download. Learn more. Virtual Slalom Skiing, which the American Water Ski Association has invested in, is currently available for only IOS. The developers still need the fans of this sport to support this project by playing and/or investing. Own a piece of VSS on StartEngine.

More funding is needed to deliver these future functions:

Android Beta
Player vs. Player competitions
Real-time coaching
More Leaderboards including: ski brand, boat brand, Ski lake, city, state, country, type of ride (slalom, wakeboards, trick ski, barefoot, kneeboard), age groups
Enhanced tracking using tracker on skis which will include acceleration, ski angle and more
Fan play mode
Driver play mode
Team Competitions
Barefoot, Trick and Jump Modes

How can you help? PLAY, PLAY, PLAY
For Virtual Slalom Skiing to be a success the developers need people to play and keep playing as often as possible. Outside industry investors want to see users and retention rates.

The developers also want your feedback to make it better and more fun. Please forgive any glitches in the Beta launch.

Victory starts when you COMPETE!
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