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AWSA Team Skiing Enters Third Season

The American Water Ski Association is gearing up for the third season of the national Team Skiing Competition. 2016 marked the inaugural year of AWSA team skiing in which states and areas formed 3-event teams of five men, five women, and five junior skiers competing in a placement-based NOPS format like college water skiing. Teams lined the shorelines sporting bibs and other spirit award worthy gear cheering each other on.

The top-two teams from each region will qualify for the 76th GOODE Water Ski National Championships and all skiers of a team, regardless of ranking, can compete on their team. Last year Connecticut won the 2017 Eastern Regionals, Florida the Southern Regionals, Central Texas the South Central Regionals, Illinois the Midwest Regionals and Northern California won the Western Regionals. Florida won the national team title for the second consecutive year.

2017 Final Results

1. FLORIDA, 31,045.00

2. CENTRAL TEXAS, 30,550.00

3. NORTHERN CALIF., 25,360.00

4. ILLINOIS, 24,045.00

5. NORTH EAST TEXAS, 19,600.00

6. SOUTHERN CALIF., 17,400.00

7. OHIO, 15,840.00

8. TENNESSEE, 14,660.00

9. Central Texas, 10,320.00

10. NH/VT/ME/RI/NJ, 7,025.00

Interested in skiing for your team this year? Go to http://www.usawaterski.org/pages/divisions/3event/main.asp and find the team skiing link on the left side menu.  here you will find all of the information you need, and who to contact to find out how to make your team.  Think you’re not good enough to make the team, think again? The format gives everyone a chance to earn big team points.
























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