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AWSA Sponsoring Virtual Slalom Skiing App

The American Water Ski Association, one of nine sport discipline organizations of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, is excited to see Virtual Slalom Skiing (VSS) come to life. The new mobile app will allow a player to film themselves skiing on or off a ski course, get a ski score and get a world ranking. The player can be on any kind of ride – one ski, two skis, kneeboard or even no skis. VSS is a product of COMPETE Co., founded by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation Water Ski Hall of Fame member Jennifer LaPoint.

“It is exciting to see this idea I’ve had for 30 years come to life,” sais LaPoint.  “My father once learned to snow ski at age 50. He went down a NASTAR ski racecourse at Snowshoe Resort. A few months later he receive a poster from Budweiser with his name on it. He was ranked in the top 10 in WV. This prompted him to get new equipment, join a club and start snow skiing all the time for over 15 years. I am hoping to create this same phenomenon in water skiing. I am very excited to be working with AWSA to encourage new people to compete in water skiing.”

VSS will start beta testing on IOS platform this month. Once initial testing is complete, new features will be uploaded every six weeks.

“AWSA is excited about its investment into the future of virtual reality slalom skiing,” said Jeff Surdej, president of AWSA. “Over the last two decades a number of factors have hurt the growth of water skiing that have been out of our control. Access to slalom courses has been a major problem for our sport on public lakes, but the VSS app gives our water ski community a chance to experience competition water skiing at any place any time, and we are excited to see what it can do to re-spark water ski interest on public lakes.”

If you would like to get a preview before anyone else and provide feedback, sign up at www.virtualslalomskiing.com.

This is only the beginning for VSS. COMPETE Co., is still fundraising to complete the Android version of the basic app and introduce lots of new features such as: match play, real-time coaching, team, fan and driver competitions and advance motion tracking of sport-specific motions like acceleration. The most exciting future will be Augmented Reality Eyewear, allowing a player to see the slalom course anywhere…no real buoys or private lakes required.

Learn more by going to the StartEngine.com crowd-funding platform.
























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