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Revised Q&Ps For 35+ Worlds Announced

The American Water Ski Association's International Activities Committee (IAC) has released a revised qualifications and procedures for the selection of the 2018 U.S. World 35+ Championships Team. The IAC added one section (highlighted in the PDF), which notes that independent (non-team) skiers must notify the IAC of their intent to compete in the 35+ Water Ski World Championships by the stated deadline. The requirement is needed because all skiers (team and non-team) must be entered by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, so the IAC needs to collect this information and receive necessary entry fees, etc.

The team will be chosen to compete at the 5th 35+ Water Ski World Championships, Nov. 26-Dec. 2, in San Bernardo, Chile. To view and download the qualifications and procedures, click here (PDF; revised 4/3/18).

The will be selected by the AWSA International Activities Committee based on scores taken from the AWSA Data Base from the period May 1, 2017 to Aug. 13, 2018, with a minimum of one score from calendar year 2018.  The team will be announced on or about Aug. 22, 2018.























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