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Notice Of AWSA Bylaws Changes

On Jan. 27, 2018 the AWSA board of directors voted to approve the following changes to the AWSA Bylaws Revision 8.

Added to Article VIII 2 at the end of the sentence "at the summer meeting of the Board."


Should the allocated number of USA-WSWS Directors be less than the number of Regions, the Board shall elect the allocated number of Director(s) from the Regional delegates at the summer meeting of the Board.


The AWSA now has two Directors and two Alternate Director seats on the USA-WSWS Board of Directors. The AWSA Board of Directors shall elect one Director and one Alternate Director each year for the two year term of office on the USA-WSWS board. The additional language sets the time when the elections of the new USA-WSWS director and alternate shall take place.

AWSA Bylaws Rev 8.0

The USA Water Ski Board of Directors has approved the changing of the name of the NGB organization from USA Water Ski (USA-WS) to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports (USA-WSWS). The AWSA Bylaws have also been updated to the new name and the acronym within the Bylaws for the NGB.

According to the current AWSA Bylaws Rev 7 (available on the AWSA link to the USA-WSWS website) Article XVI Amendments, Amendments shall be communicated to the membership sixty (60) days prior to their effective date and shall become effective on that date unless a referendum is called on the amendment. The amendments to the AWSA Bylaws, as noted above will be effective on March 29, 2018, unless challenged in a referendum by the membership.

Click here (PDF) to see the complete, revised version 8 of the AWSA Bylaws.























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