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IWWF Plans Event Management System

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) plans to implement an Event Management System (EMS) to facilitate and streamline event management processes. Vendors should contact Paul Fong, IWWF Executive Director, at executive@iwwfed.com for specifications and information on submitting a proposal to include cost and deliverables.

* Advantages for Confederation/Federations: Create & manage events/competitions, manage registration and interface with IWWF’s current scoring program to generate results and rankings

* Advantages for Athletes: register for events online, submit entry fees, create/update online profiles with their bio data, i.e., achievements, sponsors, etc., and easy access to results and rankings

* Advantage for Sport Entertainment Teams & Media: Easy to access athlete bio data

* Benefits: Provide more value for IWWF member Federations and capture database

* Application - Event Organizers: Manage events on their desktop hardware

* Application – Athletes: To Use Smartphones and Tablets






















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