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AWSA Extends Model Year Boats For Events

In an effort to make hosting tournaments easier, the American Water Ski Association's Towboat Committee has extended the model year of boats that can be used in Class C and F tournaments all the way back to 2008. "This is a forward-thinking move by our towboat committee," said Jeff Surdej, AWSA president. "Promo boats have become harder to get to tournaments and fewer events are being sanctioned. This should open the door for a lot more sites and boat owners to put together more sanctioned events, which will increase membership and tournament participation."

Here is the exact wording from the 2018 towboat policy:

a)    Class C and F tournaments may use 2018, 2017, 2016, or 2015 Approved towboat(s) (current and three years prior). Class C & F tournaments may use 2008 to 2014 AWSA Approved Tournament boats equipped with Zero Off with the approval of their Regional AWSA Towboat Committee member (or Chair(s) of the AWSA Towboat Committee.

b) In all instances where a boat older than the current model year is used, the manufacturer must also have a boat on the approved list for 2018.

The local organizing committee (LOC) may apply to its Regional AWSA Towboat Committee member (or Chair(s) of the AWSA Towboat Committee) for use of an OLDER model year towboat. Consideration will be given to the condition of the boat, speed control system and version of speed control software in the boat. Older boats must follow current Towboat Policy Insurance Requirements (PDF).  

Will Bush (Co-chair, Western Region)


George Lindy (Co-chair, Midwest Region)


Mike Hamilton (South Central Region)


Doug Robbins (Eastern Region)


Greg Webb (Southern Region)























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