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Qualifications Reminder For GOODE Nationals

The national rankings' list qualifications cutoff date for the 75th GOODE Water Ski National Championships is Thursday, July 13. Any U.S. athlete with a Level 8 national ranking will be qualified for the Nationals, which will be held Aug. 9-12 at the San Marcos River Ranch in Martindale, Texas.

Qualification does, however, require that you ski in one of the Regional Water Ski Championships: Southern Region - July 19-23 in Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Western Region - July 24-29 in Newberry Springs, Calif.; Eastern Region - July 27-29 in Monroe, N.Y.; Midwest Region – July 28-30 in Center City, Minn.; and South Central Region – July 28-30 in Elkins, Ark.

For complete information on the 2017 GOODE Water Ski National Championships, including the tournament schedule, official hotels and activities, visit www.waterskinationals.com.

The entry deadline is Thursday, Aug. 3. You can register online right now at: http://www.usawaterski.org/rankings/registration16.asp























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