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New/Upgraded Splasheye Trick Program

Attention American Water Ski Association trick technical controllers, judges and ski clubs: In the past there has not been an easy method to time/judge tricks using SD cards on Win7/10 computers. Some are using QuickTime, but due to the steps and process involved, it is easy to make an error and is not recommended. Others use an additional camera/computer/splitter/converter, etc., to play the SD card to a timing computer and to the judges’ screen (time consuming & additional expense).

NEW/Upgraded Splasheye Trick Program

The American Water Ski Association’s Technical Controllers Committee has been testing the new free SplashEye Trick Timer (file version using SD cards) and the upgraded version.

See link below for full details on downloading

99.9 percent of AWSA trick tournaments are not judged/timed using live feed, but instead they use video files from SD card so this free SplashEye version is perfect. 
If you run trick tournaments and don't already have the SplashEye full live version, it is recommended that you download and use the new SplashEye Trick Timer. If you have a lot of trick tournaments/Tricker(s), purchase the full version ($99). If you have the live version/Splasheye license, download full version for running tricks from SD Card. The AWSA TC Committee has tested and used both recently and it works very well.
Use on Win 7/10 computers
Import skiers name from WSTIMS (save the video in trick timer using the selected skier name; no longer have to save and rename the video file separately)

Play directly from SD Card. (No longer need addition camera/computer/splitters/converters to play the SD card)

Separate Event Judges View Screen (using second monitor)
Pick the start of the trick while the trick run continues to play for the event judges (same as previous-makes it faster).
Judges play and replay is controlled from the timing screen, (No longer have to drag the mouse to the extended/judges screen to play). More like the original SplashEye live version.
Second option, in smaller tournaments, don't use the Event Judges screen, just duplicate the timing screen for judges and allow all judges to agree with start position/last trick. This allow the judges to become the timing judges and anyone could operate the computer.
The platform is the same as the SplashEye full version. Therefore, if trick judges download and use it, all judges would know how to use SplashEye trick timer – we can standardize our technology expertise.
WSTIMS video upload:
1.) Upload the skiers list from WSTIMS in Trick Program

2.) Save the video file by selecting the skiers name in the trick timer program

3.) Just add R1P1, R1P2, etc., in the comment section

4.) Copy save video on memo stick

5.) Upload in WSTIMs for live tricks; this will be added to the skier name and the video can be uploaded in the score program, and will be posted 

P.S.: Load on Win7/10 desktop computer and use large screen/monitor (24") for Trick Timer and use the extended view to split the video to several larger screen/monitors 32-40" for the judges. Laptop - you are limited to screen size for the trick timer, unless you duplicate the screen in lieu of extending the screen.  























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