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IWWF Approves Sedlmajerís World Record

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federationís Tournament Council has approved the pending world overall record of 2,820.79 points set by Adam Sedlmajer (Czech Republic) at the 2017 Isles Spring Invitational on April 21 at the Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden, Fla.

Sedlmajer, the 2015 menís world overall champion, tallied 2,820.79 points after recording scores of 4 buoys at 41 feet off in slalom, 10,640 points in tricks and 216 feet in jumping. Llewellyn set the record with 2,818.01 points in 2002 with scores of 5 buoys at 38 feet off, 10,730 points in tricks and 235 feet in jumping. The new record will be converted to the current calculation method, which will be 2,812.71 points. Any new record will be calculated with the current method.

Llewellynís record was the longest-standing record of active events in IWWF history.





















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